30 January 2011

News: 30-Jan-2010

This weekend I've started the movement part. I was searching for a cheap VPS somewhere and i remembered that SimpliQ, a company where i worked couple of years ago, was selling lots of them. From their website i found intovps.com (not enjoyvps.ro - which i didn't test yet). I must say that i'm impressed of a Romanian company handling customers so well.

Until now i didn't had any support email that was not answered in less than 15 minutes or so. You know that i'm writing this at 23:30 (GMT+1), in Romania now is 00:30 (GMT+2) and even so the replies comes in couple of minutes... I just asked if i can upgrade only my bandwidth and it seems that i can't... anyway, let me explain why i like them so much...

There was a flood once in the data center (i have the VPS for one week now), they redirected the traffic or whatever they did, but in about one hour everything was working perfect.

I needed the TUN/TAP kernel module in order to make encrypted and compressed tunnels over Ethernet (i played with it a lot this weekend, so if you have any questions, i'm here). I didn't read the manual, but after i pressed one button from the intovps panel and waited couple of seconds (one reboot required) my VPS was able to create tunnels.

I needed some kernel modules for my applications (did i mention that I've installed Quagga with OSPF module between all my servers and configured tunnels and backup routes this weekend?), but they refused very polite to install that module because it was a security issue (after reading some more documentation, it seems that I've asked for permission to tcpdump the master Ethernet card - well i didn't know... honestly :) ).

Then i asked for other module (did i mention that i installed 2 remote servers with 3TB storage, each, were i will keep all the pictures?) that will allow me to mount remote filesystems (sshfs in my case). In couple of minutes i had it installed.

Just to make a difference between GoDaddy and IntoVPS... GoDaddy sucks - big time!

I asked GoDaddy to install the TUN/TAP module... they asked me to upgrade to dedicated server.
I asked GoDaddy to explain to me, why was my VPS restarted without my authorization or why i wasn't informed after that... they told me that this kind of things just happen from time to time and that if i don't want them, i should upgrade to dedicated server... but even so:

If you need to ensure that your content is run on a server that is not normally rebooted unless rebooted by yourself then going to a fully dedicated server is recommended. There is still a chance for any network related issues or facility issues that can cause the requirement for a power cycle on a fully dedicated server but these are much less likely to happen.

I will let you know how IntoVPS is in the future... until then i'll be alwayshere.net.

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