03 July 2011

Image album - Auto slide show

A new function was added to the alwayshere.net image listing (as requested by a friend of mine). I'm speaking about the automatic slide show, which can be used by clicking on the "play" link when viewing an image. This is not available when viewing videos...

It is also changing the "play" link to "pause" after clicking on it and the "pause" to "play".

There is a simple function who's doing all the necessary things.
function playSlide()
function changeSlide()
var curimg = document.getElementById("controlImg").innerHTML;
if (curimg == "play") document.getElementById("controlImg").innerHTML="pause";
else document.getElementById("controlImg").innerHTML="play";

if (lock == true) {
lock = false;
else if (lock == false) {
lock = true;
run = setInterval("changeImage(\'next\')", 3000);

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