03 May 2012

Office 2010 Home and Business trial - 64 bit - download link

I was searching for couple of days for the Office 2010 Home and Business trial - 64 bit version, but only the 32bit seems to be available.
All the forums and blogs are mentioning to get the 32 bit and use the setup of the 64bit, but that setup is not present (on the DVD it is).

So here it is the download link to 64bit version of Office 2010 - Home and Business:

OFFICE 2010 Home and Business TRIAL - 64bit DOWNLOAD LINK

Please post a comment if the link is not working and I'll try to get another one. It has 1.1GB not 942MB like the 32bit version.


  1. it seems that the link was removed, anyway, the steps that i did to reach the file were:

    1. request a trial
    2. when you see the "Download now" button, right click on it and "Copy link address" or something similar
    3. then modify the 32 from the url to 64 like in the below example:



  2. I just got it from: http://msft.digitalrivercontent.net/01/571054542-10234641--EUR//office2010/X17-75058.exe